Our Favorite Interior Design Projects

We are lucky enough that we do get to work with a variety of styles and different types of homes, so we asked a few members of the team which home we’ve staged they would personally move into (hypothetically, of course). March 23rd, 2020

Brynn’s Pick- Victory Ranch Home 

This is a family vacation home that we did in the golf community of Victory Ranch. We went with a transitional style and light colored accents. We used decor and accessories to bring in natural elements from the surrounding area.

Brynn’s favorite part of the home was the living room. She loved the open layout and different combination of textures. We went with a light fabric sofa, complimented by soft genuine leather swivel chairs and a polished stone coffee table. The pieces along with the floor to ceiling windows bringing in the natural light made it very airy and inviting.

Halle’s Pick- South Jordan Family Home 

This is a single family home we did a little while back, but pushed the envelope on creating something funky and functional for family use. Halle loved this home because of the color and bohemian accents we brought throughout the whole home.

The actual interiors materials with its sleek cement fireplace and the clean lines of the finished ceiling beams and wood floors gave us the perfect backdrop to add in some more bold patterns, and furniture pieces.

Halle’s favorite spot in the home was the front sitting room — we called it the library. We wanted to create a space where you could go sit, socialize, or pick up a guitar or book and spend some quality time. This was a total statement as it was the first thing you saw when you walked in the home with a blue velvet sofa, faux fur stools, and a metal cabinet filled with antique books and film cameras. To top it off, we added a starburst pendant light with Edison bulbs to give off a nice moody glow in the evenings.

Jasmine’s Pick

This was a family home in the golf community of Promontory Club in Park City. A light open air floor plan with views of the course, and mountains. I personally loved this one for more of the minimal style that was created in the overall layout and finishes.

My favorite part of the home was the main floor area which included the kitchen and dining area connected right off the living room. There was so much natural light that poured in through the large windows. That with the natural wood tones, against the dark accents of the hardware and lighting was clean and stunning.

With this much detail, we didn’t want to take away from the home with the furniture so we brought in more solid colors, and clean lines in the furniture pieces.

What’s Your Favorite?

There are so many more design opportunities ahead of us and we would love to help you create your own favorite!

If you are ever considering some design help, just let us know and we can start the conversation of what that looks like and all the fun we can have putting your home together.