3 Question To Ask When Looking For Staging Services

When it comes time to sell your home, your “To Do” list instantly becomes overwhelming. You want to ensure your investment in your home is returned when you sell. How you display your home to potential buyers is a contributing factor to how much you can get out of it. Home staging services are the best way to easily tackle your “To Do” list while staging your home to be appealing to your potential buyers. Hiring the right home staging service is critical to the success of the project. Here are three questions to ask when looking for staging services.

Question 1

What is the staging process, and how long does it take to have my home staged?

You’ll begin this process by meeting with your staging service to discuss the style and tastes of your potential buyers. Your stager will then measure all room dimensions to ensure proper dimensions for staging pieces. They will also establish a color plan in coordination with your decorator or current home color palette.

You’ll work with your staging service to determine how and where your home will be staged, and if that includes basic furniture staging or complete staging of furniture, accessories, artwork, and decor. Your input is welcomed throughout the process. This is still your home!

Your stager will be able to answer all your questions regarding the time needed for your home to be properly staged before the  For Sale sign can go in your yard.

Question 2

Who will be doing the work to stage my home, and do you provide warranty protection if something goes wrong while your team is working at my property?

Your staging service will bring in the appropriate team of painters, cleaners, gardeners, and tradespeople to complete the work necessary for creating your staged property. Your stager will communicate with these service providers to assure professional and quality work throughout the process. We know it’s important for you to know who will be in your home and when they will be there. Feel safe knowing your staging service will be on top of this part of the process.

Ask your staging service what sort of warranty or insurance is applicable to your project. Part of hiring professionals is ensuring all parties are covered for the project. Your property matters, and making sure you’re protecting it is part of homeownership.  

Question 3

How much do staging services cost, and what are typical costs per hour or day?

The price of staging will depend on the provider, project location, timeline, and specifications. Ask providers about average prices or flat rates for different projects. Like Nomad Soul Interiors, many staging services offer various packages and price points to fit your needs.

The process of staging your home is just the first step in the process. While your home is for sale and available for showings to potential buyers, you may have daily costs associated. You’ll also need to decide the point in the buying process you are finished with staging services. Is it after you accept an offer, or at closing? You’re staging service and realtor can walk you through your best options.

Although staging your home is an upfront cost, the point is to sell your home quickly and get you more money. When you hire a staging service, you should see a return on your investment. Spend money to make money, hand over your “To Do” list, and start focusing on your future!

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