Can You Buy Model Home Furniture?

The lighting, and the shape of the dining table. The jars neatly stacked along the counter top and the way the natural light softly hits the colors of the rug in the living room. You want it exactly the way it is, but can you have it?

We personally say yes. Now, options can vary depending on the building group and design group they’ve used to finish the property, but in our case, we have set up our business model along with our developer and real estate clients that you can have this option. 

Whenever we start a project on a model home, we select new furniture specifically for the property so it has the right style, scale and amount of furniture it needs for the home to look great and be functional for everyday living. We take into consideration the style that the potential home buyer is looking for and use details we see that the industry is looking for and wants. 

We then set up the real estate team with an itemized list so you know the cost and all the pieces included in the model home. If the real estate team isn’t ready to let go of this specific unit? We can set you up with our team to create a similar to exact furniture package to make your unit look and feel just like the model home. 

If you’re working with Nomad Soul, we’ll keep it simple and easy. And if it’s another design group that has done the project? It’s worth an ask to get in contact with the interior designer that worked on the project. They could have similar options to helping you purchase the model home furnished. 

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