Create the Mountain Retreat You Love with Interior Design

Imagine relaxing around a campfire with family and friends. The invigorating mountain breeze chills your cheeks while the crackling aspen fire warms your hands. Easy conversation and your blanket surround you. You feel at peace. Now imagine that peace existing in your own mountain retreat home. With intentional interior design, you can bring to life your personal mountain escape.

Nomad Soul Interiors centers on three interior design motifs – Mountain, Desert, and Coast. These motifs fuse color palette, textiles, furniture, and decor to embody the feel of existing in nature while living luxuriously in your home. Combined with the vision for your interior, your home will come to life in a unique and personalized way. When you choose Mountain as your desired interior design motif, we will create the mountain retreat you love.

As interior designers, we are invested in making the vision of your living space come to life. By starting with an overall motif, we can work outwards and incorporate design elements that fit your style. Beginning the process by choosing your design motif is only the first step. From there, the possibilities are endless. And we’re confident we can make your vision become your home. 

Design Elements for a Mountain Retreat  

By intentionally considering and choosing your color palette, textiles, furniture, and decor, you will succeed in creating your mountain retreat home. We’ll explore how each of these design elements can transform your space.

Color Palette

Bringing the color palette of the mountains indoors into your home will instantly transform the feeling in your space. Rich and warm tones abundantly present in the mountains will add depth to your home. What colors do you envision when you imagine hiking through a mountain forest? Deep, earthy, green hues of evergreens, warm earth tones of soil and the surrounding untouched lumber, golden light streaming through the trees at sunset, slate hues of the mountain cliffs – you can bring all of these hues into your space.


The suitable fabrics and textures of your mountain retreat can bring your home to life. Pull in fabrics with fur textures to resemble the creatures found in the forest.  Use a wall treatment with a rough finish to recreate the texture of tree bark. Accent your space with leather and luxurious animal prints. Install wood accents, flooring,  and wall treatments to create the sensation of being surrounded by trees. Think of ways you can recreate textures of the mountains in your home.


The furniture you choose, and the way you style it, can be reminiscent of how you experience the mountains. Historically, mountain homes are filled with log furniture. While that is a style you can embrace, it is not the only way to achieve the feeling of a mountain retreat with furniture. Furniture made from warm and natural wood will feel reminiscent of the mountain forests. Using leather pieces creates an organic feel of nature.

The way you position and stage your furniture will also help bring to life your mountain retreat. You can experience the peace of enjoying a mountain campfire by creating a similar feeling to that environment of conversation and warmth in your home. By placing your furniture with your fireplace as your focus, you’ve created an indoor experience of an outdoor feeling. 


Using decor is the final touch of creating your mountain retreat. What elements outdoors do you want to experience indoors? Accent your space with indoor plants to help your design literally come alive. Use lamps and dimmers to create lighting that is reminiscent of enjoying the golden mountain light. Hang art that truly makes you feel the essence of the mountains. 


Exploration in the mountains is when the hustle and bustle of your daily life can melt away. In its place, experience peace and tranquility. When you apply these simple design elements, you can retreat to this serene mountain escape right in your own home. 

If you want to experience living in your mountain retreat, but you’re still not sure where to start, reach out! We’d love to see how we can help you experience tranquility in your own home!  

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