Emerging Fall Interior Design Trends in 2021

Nothing pairs better with warm wool socks than sitting on your comfy couch by the fire with your favorite chunky knit blanket. Fall is the perfect time to switch up your interior design and enjoy trending cozy and warm textiles, decor, and colors. Each season brings about the evolution of new interior design. Emerging fall interior design trends in 2021 are guaranteed to make you feel more at home than ever. We’re going to explore how you can transform your home this season into your fall haven. 

Fall Color Palettes – The Reemergence of Natural Earth Tones

The days of cool grey tones are dwindling! This fall, we see the reclamation of natural earth tones in our homes emerging as an influential design trend. Warm browns, taupes, and green earth tones are replacing the grey and blue cool hue trend. The changing fall season is a natural transitional time to make these earth-toned color changes to your existing decor and embrace this fall trend.

How to Implement Color Trend Changes in Your Home

Bold: If you’re eager to embrace emerging color trends in interior design, go bold in a big way. Paint your wall(s) a deep green or another natural hue. You can accent your wall with earth-toned wallpaper. Use a large, striking, earth-toned rug.  Make the strong change and refinish your white cabinets with a warm, bold paint color. Bringing these natural hues back into your home in a big way will create an instant change to the feel of your space. 

Minimal: Incorporate natural hues into your home in an understated and impactful way with small changes. Adding this earthy color palette into your throw pillows and blankets, fall stems, and accent decor will bring warmth into your space.

Fall Textile Trends       

Trends in fabrics and patterns are abundant this fall. Muted floral patterns are popping up in the interior design scene. Earth-toned color palettes are replacing the previously cool color trends. Thick, chunky fabrics, velvet, and leather will instantly warm up any area of your home.    

How to Implement Fall Textile Trends in Your Home

Bold: Change up your bedding. Add in deep colors to replace a light and bright bedscape. Layer, layer, layer! Adding various layers and textures to your bedscape will instantly create a warm, inviting feeling. Lay a large, jute rug to incorporate the look of natural wood. Invest in natural wood or ratan furniture pieces to fuse into your interior design.   

Minimal: Adding muted floral patterns via throw pillows and blankets is a great way to embrace this trend. Change up your window treatments to embrace the new color trends, too. Swap out cool, light summer throw blankets with cozy, chunky knit blankets. Use earthy-toned linen napkins and and a jute charger for your tablescape. Adding a brass napkin ring will compliment this look well.   

Fall Decor Trends

Incorporating the color and texture trends we’ve mentioned carries over into your decor items, too. A ratan serving tray on your coffee table paired is inviting when paired with a natural wood accessory and fall scented candle. Incorporate bronze accent pieces or hardware for a beautiful pairing next to warm, natural hues. Simplifying your decor will keep you on trend this season. 

How to Implement Fall Decor Trends in Your Home

Bold: Go big with a large, muted floral art piece. Hang a rattan basket installation on your wall. You could even hang a rattan swing with braided rope to combine joy and warmth into your space.  

Minimal: Swap out those white vases and pots for accents inspired by nature.  While you’re at it, change up your stems to embrace the fall foliage and colors, too. Invest in luxurious fall scented candles to create a warm ambience with light and scent. Use bronze candlestick holders for your perfect fall tablescape. 

Bringing in more natural textures, incorporating earth-toned hues, and using wood accents, this season’s interior design trends are all about embracing the natural world. If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to incorporate these elements into your own home, let’s chat and see how Nomad Soul Interiors can assist you in creating your intimate, autumn haven.  

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