Give Your Home A New Feel By Improving How You Use Interior Spaces

1. Shake Things Up

Sometimes we can get stagnant in our routines and bored with the places we’re spending most of our time. Something we love to do that won’t cost you a dime, but just a little physical labor (works with the workout goal then too right?) is rearranging rooms with the furniture you already have.

We’re no scientists, but we know when we rearrange, we can take a new perspective on not only our space, but other ideas we have in the works.  It can feel really fresh to reposition your sofa and chairs in your living room, or swap out some artwork in different rooms if one has gone a little unnoticed.

Switching up a bedroom, try moving your bed to a different open wall or even rearrange the trinkets you have on your shelf so they’re all in a new place. Trust us, even the littlest change can feel really good!

2. Take Advantage of Organization

The word “organize” can sometimes be a word or task that we dread. However, an organized house could  be considered the secret behind those perfect home shots you’re looking at on Pinterest.

It can be easy for the clutter to build up since we are using our rooms every single day! That means we may get used to our somewhat organized chaos that blossoms into existence or weeks, months and years.

Whenever we realize its organization time, we step back and look at the room as if we’re a guest coming in for the first time. Would they question why we have a pile of blankets there? Or a bin of random electronic cords here on the counter?

A good place to start is take it one room at a time, and analyze what built in storage you have to work with. If you’re in the kitchen or bathroom, what cabinets do you have?

From there feel free to take everything out, and put it back in like you’re moving in for the first time. You can toss things along the way you don’t need to free up more space and probably see where some things could fit better or be more accessible.

Once you use your storage you already have, get creative with fun storage additions. In living rooms, we love having some cute oversized baskets that we can place extra blankets in, or baskets for toys that can slide nicely underneath a bench or coffee table.

In the bedroom, if your space is smaller, take advantage of using some bins for storage underneath the bed, and find some cute shelves to show off your accessories. If your things have a home base in the room, it’s going to feel less cluttered so you can focus more on how beautifully you’ve styled it.

3. Color 

Alright, this next suggestion can seem like a bigger undertaking than it actually is but can make the most difference in quickly transforming a room, and that is paint.

Wall color is the one thing that can date a room faster than anything else second to furniture. Repainting a room doesn’t have to be overwhelming. All it takes is a little patience and a trip to Home Depot.

If you’re looking to make a smaller space feel larger, it can help to choose a lighter color for the room.If you’re looking to make a statement, even consider doing an accent wall of a darker color. (A trend we’ve really been loving is a dark accent wall behind the bed). Choosing a new color too can really help you show off your style and personality in a space.

To make the paint thing a little more simple, here are some tips for painting on your own. 

  • If you’re painting a light color on to cover up a darker color make sure to get your paint with primer in it so it doesn’t show through your new fresh coat.

  • If you’re going with a brighter color instead of a neutral, make sure to choose a shade lighter than what you’re looking at on the paint sample. The color always dries a slightly darker than the sample.

  • When choosing your color, try holding it up on different walls in the room to see the difference in shadow and also check at different times of day, your color can look pretty different from midday light to evening light coming in through the windows.

Prep is the best to keep it clean and quick. 

We first move all the furniture to the center of the room, or if the space is smaller, move it to one side, start on the far wall, then move the furniture back over to finish the other side. We love getting the cheap canvas drop mats from Home Depot in case of any accidentals drops getting the floor or carpet. Then we blue tape the moldings and windows tight to get a clean line.

We like to take the tape off before the wall is completely dry so any access tape doesn’t rip and get stuck with the dried paint on the wall.

Make it Happen

Now that you have all the tips and tricks for success, don’t waste anymore time thinking about it. It’s easier to do than to analyze!

Don’t be afraid to get a little sweaty and rearrange or get some paint on the wall. Even make it an event that the whole family can help out with. Try out planning a Saturday that you can have friends or family help rearrange some furniture or start a paint project. It feels good to work on a project and we’re sure everyone on board is going to enjoy the changed up space just as much as you do.

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