How Do Interior Design Trends Develop?

But where does the trend really ignite when it comes to interior design or fashion?

The biggest impact of trends is what’s happening in the world around us. It’s influenced by current situations and the culture that is built around it. Between the ever-changing world, there are some trends that recycle and will come back up at a later time. 

To give you an example of the trend flow, here’s a little walk through history from an interior design perspective, let’s jump all the way back to the start of the 1920’s…

First thing that comes to mind? “Roaring 20’s”, everyone in our mind is at “Gatsby level parties”. Well when you step back, they just came out of the first World War and it was time to breathe a sigh of relief, and seek out glamour and luxury after burdened years prior.

Peeking into the interior design side, you see the Art Deco movement start to come about. Lavish large homes in Newport, Rhode Island, with ornate wallpapers, over the top chandeliers, and silks and furs draped along beds and furniture. They wanted to show off, everyone wanted to feel like they could be a Hollywood star. So they made their homes as such. 

Jump forward to the 60’s, an era of peace and love where the people were done with fighting and military service and were seeking out creative things like art and music. The style of homes started to show warm vibrant oranges and mustard yellows, with colorful psychedelic patterned prints and wallpapers.

Homes also became more eclectic with nicknacks picked up on road trips as festival culture started to grow. So even if you weren’t a hippy traveling on the road concert to concert? These are the people the media had their eye on, and everyone saw, and everyone wanted to feel a part of the current culture, so they decorated their home to feel like it. 

Now fast forward to our modern day, where we can see our culture translating into our homes. Things are clean, sleek with an organic imperfection to them. With clean white walls, mixed with iron accents, natural wood floors and cement accents. We see need/want for sustainability all the way from electric cars, to companies offering furniture and textiles made from recycled materials. With an occasional trend that pops up from the past, like everyone’s current 90’s nostalgia of “Friends” mixed into it. 

Take the chance to look at the world around us to see what is going to be influencing our future of how we will live? See how fashion spills over into our home style as well, and how we build and decorate our homes to match the culture we live in. We’re in an ongoing cycle of change that’s beautiful, and so let’s enjoy each moment of it. 

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