How Does Interior Design Affect your Mood?

Here are some little details that can take an affect when designing a space…

1. Color and Your Mood

It’s no secret that there is an emotional connection to colors. We literally have sayings like “feeling blue” or “green with envy”. The colors painted throughout a home or house can have an affect on the feeling it creates for example, deep golden yellow tones are known to promote creativity while soft like blues can create a calm peaceful atmosphere. 

The shade of a color can even have an affect. The darker a color the moodier you can make a room. The white and lighter you get, it creates a light airy affect. 

2. Let the Light In

The amount of light in a space can have a big impact on mood. There’s been studies shown that the more natural light there is in the room promotes positivity and productivity. Spaces with less light can diminish energy and create a gloomier space. 

You can change a space as well with your lighting selections if you’re limited with your natural light options. By adding canned lighting and accent lamps etc. you can create a room with a lot of light and change the entire environment.

3. Shapes and Textures

It’s been proven with some science that different materials and shapes can promote different feeling and energy. Incorporating wood accents in Feng Shui is associated with grounding and personal healing, while metal materials promote strength. 

Continuing with the practice of Feng Shui you can create energy flow by the way you layout furniture and avoiding dead space, like furniture sitting directly up to a wall. By centering the room you can allow energy to flow freely throughout the space. 

The most important thing with all of this too is fill your space with things that make you happy and bring positive memories. This is what makes a happy home that you love. 

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