How Interior Design is Related to Architecture

That being said, 2 key components that make up the design portion of the industry are…architecture and interior design. What we want to talk more about today is how they connect and how they stand alone. 

To give a brief overview of their differences. Architecture has to do with designing the physical building from everything to how the windows are laid out on a wall to the structural core of how this building will stand on its own.  While interior design has to do with the aesthetics of the inside of the building by using furniture and finish materials to create a space. 

Even with its differences, it is impossible to separate the design of a building from the design of its interior. They both can have the shape and material of buildings and have closely followed similar trends with furniture and colors made to compliment the shared style of the building. 

Also, inspiration can start at either of the two points. If a home is built first and then the furniture is brought in to match or the style of furniture is wanted and the home is built to cater to the style wanted in the interior. They have a great influence together and sometimes that gets overlooked. 

Truly great spaces have details throughout both of these facets of design. It’s what will put somewhere over the top with detail and create an experience that can be lived in. 

The true beauty of this art is that it’s two mediums that work together and a final product that can physically be enjoyed time and time again. 

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