How To Develop Interior Design Concepts

If you’re getting ready to start your own project and need some direction on how to start, we’re here to help with a few suggestions that can launch you into creating your concept, plus some tips to keep you organized.

Some Starting Points

The main priority of creating a design concept is to create some consistency in what you’re pulling together in a room. You want to make sure the colors flow, the style is cohesive and that you have all the pieces you need to make the room functional.

We broke down these points into some simple start points.

Color Flow

If color is a priority for you in your room transformation, make that your starting point. For example, you want to brighten your living room without changing the original dark custom wood work through the room, keep in mind you can look for some light linen fabric furniture pieces.

The more light colors you have can offset darker accents. And if it’s an option to paint? Take that into consideration as well. You can create airy moods with like colors and more moody spaces with a darker bold accent color.

Try even just putting a color board together first to see what colors you’d like to use. We love going to the paint section at Home Depot and making little bundles of colors we like together. That can give some direction on how to start a room concept.

Cohesive Style

Unless you’re going for a very eclectic look, you’re going to want to make sure you have some consistency in the style you’re going for. It can be easy to narrow this down based on the overall theme. You could be wanting a traditional farmhouse look, a sleek modern space, or even make it look like your favorite Airbnb. This can also give you some fun starting an inspiration board based on your specific vision.

If your style isn’t so specific a good rule of thumb can be to watch for the materials you’re pulling together. You’re not going to want to mix silver chrome metals with rustic wood. If you’re going modern, look for clean smooth materials like glass, metals and finished concrete. If you’re going for a mountain look? Mix together some more wood and stone pieces that you can pair with cozy fabric pieces.

Make it Functional

The other main priority that can be a great starting point for design is what you need in that room to live in it. For example, say you’re trying to make a TV room that can hold the whole family to all hang out in. Think first about are you going to need a sectional? Maybe 2 sofas instead to sit everybody? Once you know your needs, it can really start to build a framework of how you need the room concept to layout.

This is also something you shouldn’t wait for last on this step —even if you start out with exploring color schemes first. Make this your second priority because it’ll be hard to get on track with trying to incorporate pieces you need toward the end of your project.

Hopefully these tips get you on the right track to developing your own design concepts. And if you ever need some extra help? That’s what we’re here for!

Best of luck designing.

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