Install Highlight – Hideout Trail

With a second home just built in Hideout Utah, this family home became an artistic statement of cool and comfort alongside the banks of Jordanelle Reservoir. 

What are the pieces that came together to make this home so memorable?

First, it was the instant client relationship that clicked and made the process seamless as the team and our client trusted each others’ vision. Our client’s trust- That’s a huge thing that it comes down to. When our clients and our team can catch the same vision on a deep level, we can execute without them worrying or overthinking the process and leaving us to it.

Moving past just a business transaction and having a friendship with our clients gives room for creativity to come through, and for the designs to feel more personal like their home should be. 

The second could have been the chance to take some risk in what came together as unique pieces and colors that complimented the space around the area. Our client picked some of the newest trending shapes and pieces that have come out this past season. With just a slight touch of the soft feminine details, it makes the home airy and inviting. 

We also had a great base layer to work with as the client already has their home building underway when we came in to start the furniture designs with them. The materials from the metal accents to the wood finishes were all a beautiful addition that could stand along without any of the finish designs and still feel beautiful. 

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