Meet the Nomad Soul Team

We’ve taken this time over the past few months to really dive in and figure out our vision for the future for Nomad Soul Interiors. (Don’t worry, even designers need to take a minute and reevaluate/figure out their style and vision).

Through our moment of stepping back, we’ve found that our vision is even bigger than the original idea our company grew from. Transitioning into this new phase as Nomad Soul Interiors we are embracing that our style and inspiration can span the world. We continually grow and learn from what we see and take in around us near and far.

So, as we covered the spectrum of thoughts and ideas we’d expanded, we reminded ourselves that we can’t forget our roots.

What is at our core center that drives and empowers what we do everyday?

There’s a lot that goes into the behind the scenes of creating a beautiful home or space. We always want our interior design work to be a reflection of those things that are most important to us.

Behind all our interior design madness are three things:

  1. Family

  2. Adventure

  3. Creativity 

We are a team of a mother and three daughters that run this show but, that doesn’t mean our dad, husbands and younger siblings don’t get involved to help us out on a daily basis.

We work hard and play hard together. I think that’s the glue that holds us together. Mom and Dad are literally the OG Chip and Joanna that got us all started in this in the first place. They are such a rock solid team, and really know how to get the job done. If it wasn’t for those early years with trips to construction sites, and them giving us kids free reign to completely decorate our childhood bedrooms, I don’t know if we’d be in the same spot we are today.

We have different opinions and views and taste when it comes to style, and that’s definitely a strength we play on. When we can find a middle ground we all like between us, we know we’re on to something that everyone else is going to enjoy too.

It’s been even more fun with 3 new husbands joining us girls over the past three years to expand our ‘24-hour on call moving crew and support system.’ They really don’t get enough credit for the literal physical muscle they put in, and patience in our late night breakdowns as we bring a vision to life.

We’ve also met some amazing people along the way these past couple years that we’ve adopted as our own brothers and sisters. We love working as a family and love taking care of each other while we work alongside each other.

We want you all to feel the same love and admiration we have for these amazing family members too.

The way that we have been able to connect and learn from so many of you is through another one of our core values travel. 

Our sense of adventure we share as a family has largely influenced our company. It’s right where our new name came from. We all really do have ‘Nomad Souls’. We’ve always quickly adapted to new places and homes, each one having a unique taste of our surrounding area.

Each place being a new experience with different textures, colors, tastes and sounds. We love the diversity! It keeps us from molding to one style and reminds us how variety is what makes up this beautiful world.

Our final element that fuels us and is so vital to our nature is creativity. We ARE creators, and that’s not only in just interior design but in our homes. 

We are creating places of refuge, comfort, laughter and love. We are creating families, relationships and memories within these walls. We create places that are a reflection of what we’ve created, experienced and learned through the course of our lives thus far. When we say ‘we’ in all of this, yes, we are talking about YOU too.

Together we can create, and learn from what we each bring to the table. No two people are alike, and neither are two homes. It’s about time we get out there and all of us start showing the world what we’ve got to share.

At the beginning of this new year, we’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of giving rather than receiving. A lot of times in our industry we’ll fill our creative flow by seeking out what others are sharing or have already done, but we’re ready to start being creatively inspired by giving!

We each have something unique to offer. We are going to make this our vision coming into this new decade of life and encourage you to do the same. We’re going to start putting ourselves out there more, and we hope you can do the same!

Let’s connect, let’s grow, let’s create and let our Nomad Soul’s shine together! 

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