Utah’s Premier Full-Service Staging and Interior Design Team

We see such a variety from beautiful historic homes downtown in Salt Lake City to the vacation homes scattered throughout the Wasatch Mountains, down to the breathtaking deserts of Southern Utah. There are a lot of different places and ways to live in Utah so how do you know what’s the best design decision for you?

We have been very aware of the need for different types of design service depending on the homes and circumstances, so we’ve created a variety to choose from. We do pride ourselves in being the best design decision to go with in the state because of what we can offer. 

Vacation Homes 

This is a major way we gain new neighbors coming into the state, falling in love with the area and wanting to settle down long term. Our vacation areas are in a sense the first impression of what our state has to offer as a home. 

We help with these specialized areas in a couple of different ways. 

Staging Services

We provide staging for vacation homes that are new to the market whether that be new construction or updating an older listing. The best part is, our staging furniture is always ordered new for each project so the buyer has the option to purchase the home furnished. 

 Furniture Packages

This is something we provide for larger development settings like condo hotels, or vacation townhomes, where we can put together 2-3 different design options for buyers to choose from when purchasing their home. We even offer a turn-key option with this providing kitchen and bathroom supplies that are required by the property management companies. Making homes move-in ready, or ready to rent and soon they close. 

For the Locals

We provide a number of options for locals to get involved in the design process and make their dream home a reality. 

Design Services

Our design team can come and offer hands on help in making material and furniture selections for your home whether you are building a new one or updating your existing home. We can provide quick turnaround times and selections and offer suggestions for subcontractors in the area depending on what work your home needs done. 

Nomad Soul Design Collective

To help out are strong influences of designers in the area we have created a program that not only benefits your business, but gives you an extra hand when it comes to your projects. We can help transform your business by reducing the hassle of logistics, receiving orders, handling claims and coordinating delivery for your furniture. When you become a member, you receive 20% off any purchase anytime, can schedule after hour appointments at our showroom with your clients, have access to our sample library, and access to hire our in-house moving team for your installation. 

Shop Local. You can shop our storefront located in Park City to find a great selection of home accessories, furniture, and decor any day of the week. Because sometimes all you need is a new candle or pillow to refresh your room. 

At Work

We do have all eyes on us as Utah is quickly growing as another tech capital of the country. We understand that there are days where you’ll be spending more time at the office then at home, and we’re here to help with that too. 

Our team also offers commercial design services providing high traffic furniture and decor options for office spaces, as well as our design team helping with layout and building materials for large commercial building spaces. 

So whatever your needs maybe, we are confident you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here with us and our Nomad Soul design team.

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