Our Top 3 Favorite Tools and Software We Use Daily

Depending on if we’re in the office working on designs or installing a completed project in a home, we’ve got our favorites for both.

In The Design Studio

  1. Google Drive – This is literally how we pull all our designer brains together into one place. We really utilize this to keep information accessible to everyone at all times. We have a shared folder where we organize, upcoming, current and completed client folders for holding info from everything to design pages and CAD files that we need to pass around. Not to mention it makes life easier holding our large design files on the drive instead of our desktops.
  2. Revit – This is our preferred design program for our design bunch. You really can do everything from simple floor plan layouts to 3D renderings of a room all in one spot. This is quickly becoming a popular transition from AutoCAD to Revit in the industry and we understand why. We especially love the Cloud Rendering that doesn’t get your desktop tied up and keeps things processing quickly while working.
  3. iPad Pro and Pencil –  We really love the notes and drawing features for when we’re first meeting with a client and want to quickly sketch up ideas in the room. This makes it easy to Airdrop the notes and drawings to our fellow designers and clients. We also love utilizing all the Adobe applications while drawing up digital sketches.

On the Install

  1. DeWalt Laser Distance Measurer – Yes, we do indeed geek out for our power and hand tools. We love how quickly we can grab measurements for a wall with this laser. Quick and accurate, it keeps us from fumbling around with a tape measure. You can get a 165 ft option for a good price or upgrade to the stronger 330 ft. reach model.
  2. DeWalt Compact Cordless Hammer Drill –  This is our favorite power drill for hanging art on our installations. With its slim rechargeable battery it keeps it lightweight, and we especially love the LED lights that illuminate the area you’re drilling. With a long lasting battery life, we have full power through multiple installations.
  3. iMeasure – This is a great app that can be found free in the App Store. It can help you quickly create a measured layout of a room you’re standing in by tracing the walls with your phone camera. Super helpful when you need an overall layout in a pinch.

The world is quickly giving us new resources that simplify our work so we can spend more time doing what we love, and more time enjoying the creative process.

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