Preparing For Your Furniture Package Install

We know your furniture package “install day” is a day you’re excited about and looking forward to. We’re excited too and can’t wait to reveal your finished design! Properly preparing your home for your furniture package installation will help make your install day a success. Use this checklist to get your space ready for a smooth install!

Two Weeks Prior to Install

  • Phone call with Nomad Soul Interiors manager to confirm install date and finalize payment for your remaining invoice balance.
  • Notification given to you of any items scheduled to arrive after installation day – install is scheduled when 95% of your items are available.

One Week Prior to Install

  • Remove all unnecessary clutter from the install spaces – this is a great time for a “spring cleaning” of your installation areas.
  • If applicable, verify with your contractor that all construction is completed or will be completed and cleaned up prior to the furniture package installation date. Your furniture package cannot be installed while contractors are working in the install area of your home.

Day Before Install

  • Have your installation space professionally cleaned. This is a great opportunity to have every nook and cranny of the room cleaned from dust and debris. Carpets, flooring, walls, baseboards, lighting, and hardware are all more easily accessible for a professional deep clean.

Installation Day

  • We ask that homeowners and pets leave the home for the installation day.
  • Enjoy your Nomad Soul Interiors REVEAL moment once the entire installation is complete. We can’t wait to see your reaction!

Considerations for your Furniture Package Installation

We always strive to create your perfect dream house moment for you, but we still live in a world of imperfections. Items can suddenly go on backorder, items can be delivered damaged, or other unforeseen circumstances may arise. Ensuring realistic expectations throughout the project will aid in a smooth installation and a stress-free process. When the unexpected occurs, don’t sweat it! We will take care of any situation the best we can and get your project fully completed.

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