What Luxury Items Are A Must

Usually, that’s not the case. Especially how we like to design things.

To give you our personal perspective from the Nomad design team, we see a couple key pieces that are worth the extra time and expense, instead of that being  the case for every item in the home. We are going to break it down by different areas of the home to keep it simple…

We are going to start in the heart of the home which is usually the living and dining area. This is the spot that will receive the most traffic and you’ll most often find family or friends using these areas. With these being frequently used areas, this is why some more quality items are worth the purchase for them to have a longer life.

We always recommend for the dining area to not skimp on your dining room table. You really need to take into consideration how you use it, and who uses it. Anything from having small children who sit and eat at it, or use it as a play space. Or even if it’s where you frequently host dinner parties serving wine and plenty of food. 

Think about the table surface and if you like it textured or smooth, or the type of material. Also, think about the size that your space can provide and how the size will hold a certain number of people in that space. These are all factors that will up the price. 

In the living room, the first place anyone is going to go is the sofa or sectional in the room. It’s always worth it to spend the time and money to have the right shape that fits the room, and a frame that you find a shape that you actually find comfortable. You can even go as far as customizing the fabric or leather option to accommodate kids, pets, or even guests. These customizations are going to come with an elevated price point, but it’s worth the investment when you can accommodate and comfortably use your living space.

Moving on to the bedroom area- we spend about half of our life sleeping, so we should take some consideration into our sleeping arrangements. Making the investment on a mattress and bed linens is not only a good decision when it comes to design, but also for your overall well-being and comfort. It’s the focal point of the bedroom so we treat it as such.

Our last piece of advice in luxury item pieces is any home decor accents you absolutely love. This can be anything from a uniquely designed chair to a custom piece of art. These are the little things that add so much character to a room. Remember that your home is a collection of pieces that reflect you as a person, and that bring you joy as well.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you some essential pieces for your home that can make you happy for years to come. 

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