What Makes A Home Luxurious

When you think of “luxurious”, you might think of decadent fabrics, glittering chandeliers, giant bathtubs. But creating a luxurious home isn’t necessarily the things that are in the home, but rather the feeling that the home creates. We help our clients create luxurious homes using interior design, and doing it in a way that creates comfort and an appreciation for the landscape surrounding their home. 

Making a home luxurious involves layers. It takes a skilled eye to create the atmosphere and feeling. We look at all aspects of the home, and determine the additions and changes that are needed to make the home have the feeling our client is after. Decluttering or simplifying down all the ideas for a home is often the first step. Creating an open space for the artistic process to begin. Remembering less is more when you are selecting home items intentionally. 

Furniture is one of the main aspects of interior design. The right furniture and upholstery can make a world of difference. We have said before that furniture creates the flow of interior design, and that is true. Beautiful but comfortable furniture in neutral colors set a grounding base for bringing in colorful and unique accents that add visual interest to each room. 

Choosing good lighting is also essential. Harsh lights can make a home feel unwelcoming, which is not what is wanted when creating a luxurious home. Cozy lighting in soft hues can bring to mind luxury with minimal effort. Accent lighting provides the ambiance needed in a relaxing evening in the home, and a statement we like to use frequently.

Accessories and decorations can make or break a luxurious home. Over the top decorations can make a home feel like it’s trying too hard. It is best to choose a focal point and build from there. Making the decorations personal to you will also help to make you feel more at home.

Making a home luxurious is certainly possible, and can help make you happier in your home. If you need help making your home luxurious, we have what you need no matter what luxury may look like to you. 

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