Where To Buy Luxury Furniture

Close your eyes. Envision yourself comfortably lounging in your most favorite piece of luxury furniture in your home. What do you feel underneath yourself? What is your light source? Are you covered with a blanket? What can you hear? What can you smell? Are you calm? Are you happy? Do you feel like you’re experiencing a state of luxury?

The items we source and curate for our own homes create the entire experience of how we exist in our most comfortable spaces. Part of creating that feeling is securing the right pieces for the right place in our home. But how do you know what the right piece is? And more importantly, where can you find it? 

Where to Find Luxury Furniture 

Buying luxury furniture and home decor can be an invigorating and adventurous process. You just need to look in the right places. 

I think we can all agree when searching for the right pieces of luxury furniture, we’re looking for a combination of craftsmanship, unique design, and quality. Buying luxury furniture for your home also means you’re looking for something to indulge in. 

Your pieces create an experience, tell a story, and evoke some sort of emotion. 

Furniture has a way of being able to express style and an energy that a blank room cannot achieve on its own.

Buy Local Luxury Furniture

If you’re searching for the right pieces on your own, start local! Small mom-and-pop shops are filled with handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces created by true craftswomen and craftsmen. Their ability to customize your pieces with on-site design services provides you endless options. 

Designing the interior of your home with luxury furniture created with materials sourced right from your city or town is sure to be a conversation starter. Nothing speaks luxury more than a piece with a story to tell. And supporting a local shop is the satisfying finisher.

Benefits of Buying Luxury Furniture Locally

  • Support your local economy
  • Materials sourced locally
  • One-of-a-kind pieces
  • Ability to experience the pieces in person before purchasing
  • Creative design centers allow for customization   

Buy Luxury Furniture Online 

Buying your luxury furniture online opens the entire world wide web to possibilities. Many online retailers now have design centers built right into their websites. With the ability to have material swatches shipped right to your door, be inspired by designing your dream space without ever leaving it! You can view collections in action with staged photos for reference. Your selections will ship to your location, and many places offer assembly with the purchase.

Many online retailers have personally curated collections. You can visit shops like Serena and Lily and find a wide collection of original artwork right on their site. Luxury furniture store sites such as Lulu and Georgia and Grayson Luxury have similarly curated collections for a one-stop-shop experience.     

Buyer beware! Before you overburden yourself with choices, try to limit the amount of time you spend searching for the right pieces. Too many options can often lead to buyer burnout and the desire to actually make a purchase. 

Benefits of Buying Luxury Furniture Online

  • Thousands of options to find your perfect selections
  • Exotic collections available worldwide
  • Online design centers allow for custom creations
  • Shipped right to your door

Buy Luxury Furniture Through Your Interior Designer

The most common, and in our opinion, the most effective way of selecting your luxury furniture and decor is to do so through your interior designer. When you partner with Nomad Soul, you’re sure to not only receive the best value for your money, but you’ll also end your process with a new and professionally designed space. Allowing professionals into your design process ensures that you’re going to end with a luxurious space.

Designing with Nomad Soul means that you’ll take part in our entire process. We ensure authenticity to your style and personality, staying true to the architecture of your space, and incorporating the rich narrative of your community.   

Just as the soul is a collection of life experiences, the home is a physical anthology of those moments.

Did you know when you buy furniture from a name-brand store, you can often purchase the exact same piece without the label somewhere else? 

That’s where Nomad Soul comes in to assist your process, too. We know the best places to source our design needs. With our inside-out knowledge of the luxury furniture and decor business, your design vision, and our ability to marry the two, your space will turn into the home you’ve been working towards.

Benefits of Buying Luxury Furniture Through Your Interior Designer

  • Best value – your interior designer knows where to source your selections
  • Customized design experience ensures a completed space
  • Have assistance in helping your vision come to life
  • Professional experienced in all aspects of design

Remember earlier when you envisioned yourself lounging in the most comfortable area of your home? How does that vision change after Nomad Soul collaborates with you? If it changes for the better, reach out! Let’s talk, and we’ll create a new level of luxurious experience in your home together.   

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